What is a Marble Lamp?

The Marble Lamp is a kit to make a pyramidal hollow lamp shade from Glass Marbles. A light can be placed inside to illuminate the shade and light up the marbles. Flickering LED lights can be put under the shade for a beautiful effect. The kit comes with a bulb, socket switch and cord that can be plugged in a wall socket to light up the marble lamp. The bulb is placed under the marble lamp and the effect is beautiful.

An over 40 page set of instructions with many colored pictures comes with the kit. The kit is fun to build and easy enough for children to do with some adult supervision. Buyer supplies glue.

Note that the choice of marble color is not up to the buyer but depends on what we have on hand.

Never put a lit candle under the marble lamp as a fire will occur. The marbles are small and could be a choking hazard to young children.

Hover over the pictures below to see what the lamp looks like when lit up at night.

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